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To Arrive At The Right Destination, You Need the Right Perspective

Harnessing the power of your capital to deliver the future you envision

Why Bluestone?

Navigating private investment markets can be incredibly rewarding but may be fraught with risk. By levering our investment expertise, we uncover the hidden gems for our clients and smooth the capital raising journey for investee companies. Together, we reduce the costs of investment while simultaneously bringing the best of  stability, sustainability and superior returns. 

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My Story

From humble beginnings in Barbados to the hustle of London, I watched as many incredible private investment opportunities circulated amongst the networks of a select few well connected clients, while the majority of potential investors search fruitlessly for sound opportunities to put their money to work.


Bluestone Investment Partners is founded on the principle that the power of capital should be harnessed to augment the built environment to support the synergy of humanity and the world we steward for future generations. 


Bluestone represents a conduit for high net worth clients and sophisticated investors to tap into the wealth of investments within hand picked private markets across the United Kingdom. This frees you up to partner your money with some of the most passionate and cutting edge entrepreneurs and technologies to create the environmental and financial future that we all deserve.


Capital Introduction

Investing in private securities doesn't have to be cumbersome or difficult. We walk with you through the journey, from discovery to exit, to ensure that your investment experience is simple, transparent and timely. 

Business Consultancy

Many business owners feel stuck trying to reach the next level for their business. Bluestone takes a deep dive into the intricacies of your company operations, data systems, market positioning and finances to craft the tailored strategy needed to realise your grand vision.

Connect with us for a chat about where we can go together.

KD Towers, Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1FW, Hertfordshire

+44 2071014195

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