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Reaching a Deal

Opportunity Hub

Through in-depth relationships, we partner with internal processes within investee companies to gain a deep understanding of investment potential. We sincerely believe in the value propositions of each investment company we introduce.   


Transaction Facilitation

We walk you through the investment process, troubleshooting with investment execution service partners, such as regulated security trustees, to ensure your investment entry and exit processes are as seamless as possible. 


Post-Transaction Reports

Investment is a partnership, where purchase of securities is only the beginning. We source regular reports from company management to keep our clients up to date with the performance of all investee companies.

How we Help

What we Do

Bluestone Investment Partners utilises its in-house investment expertise and network of industry participants to scour the private investment market to curate a list of only the best opportunities for our investors. We facilitate high net worth individuals, institutional investors and sophisticated investors participating in these opportunities. 

Diligence First

We focus first on firmly understanding the value propositions of our investee companies and instruments. This involves extensive due diligence, commercial research and instrument scrutiny.

Investor check

Although we carry out extensive due diligence, we do not provide advice. Private market investments are considered high risk and these investments are for high net worth, institutional and certified sophisticated investors only.


Once you have made an  investment decision, we work with you to ensure that your execution process is seamless. We never ask you for any fees or to transfer money to us. We are paid a commission based on your investment. 

on-going reports

While investors will receive periodic reports directly from the investee companies, we can provide these reports and communicate any upcoming investment opportunities we think you may be interested in.

Where we Target

Sustainability is our focus and we aim to deliver opportunities for investors to do good without sacrificing superior returns. The sectors we focus on are:

Solar Heating Buildings
Solar Heating Buildings

Real Estate

Real estate has been a fundamental cornerstone of investment portfolios for generations due to their strong cash flow generation potential and capital appreciation. Bluestone partners with the most innovative and financially strong developers to generate a selection of real estate investments to complement any portfolio. 

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy Infrastructure

The future of energy is renewable. Whether it be generation, transmission or storage, the UK is home to some of the most innovate sustainable energy developers searching for capital to scale their proven technologies. Bluestone provides access to the crème de la crème of these entrepreneurs to improve the sustainable performance of the world's energy generation mix. 

Sustainable Energy
Forest Road

Clean-Tech Industries

Sustainability spans far more than simply energy or housing. Bluestone has partnered with companies in sustainable agriculture, material science, forestry conservation amongst others to allow our clients to benefit from exposure to these exciting prospects. 

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