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Changing the Narrative

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I recently became a father to a beautiful baby boy. Becoming a father has been and continues to be the most transformative experience of my life. Through the sleepless nights, hundreds of messy bath times, and thousands of nappy changes, the sense of responsibility, love, and gratitude is genuinely overwhelming.

One truth that has been particularly emphasised by fatherhood is that we simply steward the world for future generations. As our global population grows and demands for higher standards of living continue to rise, it is increasingly clear that there needs to be a paradigm shift in how we manage our limited resources.

When we formed Bluestone, we had a vision of bringing the collaborative power of capital to bear on the problem of sustainably meeting humanity's basic needs - shelter, energy, food, and water. Collaborative power and sustainability aren't just buzz words. It is a mission. Without significant action, the sad truth is that the world we leave for those we love will be a far less hospitable world than the one we received from the generations that have gone before. Barack Obama once said that we are the first generation to see the beginning effects of climate change and last generation to be able do anything about it - but in order to do so, we must act now to bend the arc of history today or be faced with very painful choices later. Having my son has created a sense of urgency and passion to move the needle on this mission that I honestly cannot adequately describe.

This pivot towards redefining our relationship with the environment, as all major challenges do, presents incredible opportunities. In pursuing our mission, we have partnered with projects delivering beautifully designed, net-zero homes, pioneered industrial heat capture systems, and developed hundreds of gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, both in the UK and further afield. This is just the start – the IEA estimates that annual renewable energy investment has to triple to over USD$ 3 trillion by 2030 in order to reach our collective energy decarbonisation goals. Sustainability also doesn’t compromise returns – our investment partners have generated returns exceeding 10% each year and are rapidly outperforming their non-sustainability-conscious peers. We invite you to join us as we add our energies and resources to the momentum of this defining movement of our generation.

Contact us directly for more information and a call about how we can get started together.


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